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Hackers can access your ring doorbell videos

Surprise! Your Doorbell Knows When You're Not Home

One shocking fact is that these devices can essentially broadcast when you're not home. Each time you access your Ring Doorbell remotely to check on a delivery or a visitor, potential hackers can use this data to determine when you're away—making your home an easier target for physical break-ins.

Your Conversations Are Not Private

Unbelievably, once a hacker gains access to your Ring Doorbell, they can also listen to your conversations. Yes, you read that right. Through the two-way audio feature, they can eavesdrop on what’s happening inside your home, capturing private conversations and household details.

Sneaky Weak Points

While it may be convenient to have videos from your Ring Doorbell automatically uploaded to the cloud, did you know that these videos can be hacked? This is a repository of data about your daily life, and if accessed, could reveal information that you wouldn't want to share with the world.

Your Ring Account Is More Powerful Than You Think

Gaining access to your Ring account doesn't just give attackers control over your doorbell. It may also offer a way to gain control over other connected devices in your home, like smart locks or garage door openers. Imagine a hacker disarming your security system and unlocking your doors—all from your Ring account.

Unsettling Scenarios

The Delivery Person Is Not Who You Think

Picture this: An attacker gains control over your Ring Doorbell and replaces live footage with a pre-recorded clip of a mailman delivering mail. While you think everything's normal, they could be robbing you blind.

Using Your Face Against You

Facial recognition features can make your home more secure, but what if hackers capture these facial scans? They can use your biometric data for identity theft or even to create deepfake videos.

How to Shock-Proof Your Ring Doorbell

1. Paranoid? Go Offline

As a drastic measure, you can disconnect your Ring Doorbell from the internet when you're not using it. This would make it harder for hackers to access your device, although it would limit its functionality.

2. Take Advantage of Two-Factor Authentication

It might seem basic, but many people skip this step. Two-factor authentication should be non-negotiable for such a powerful tool that controls access to your home.

3. Routine Password Changes

Set reminders to update your passwords regularly, and never use the same password across multiple platforms. Your dog's name followed by "123" won't cut it anymore.

Cyber experts at Geonode say:

Ring Doorbells offer unparalleled convenience, but they also come with risks that can shock you if you’re not prepared. From eavesdropping to identity theft, the dangers are as modern as the technology itself. By taking proper security measures, however, you can enjoy the conveniences of your smart doorbell without becoming a cautionary tale in the world of cybersecurity.

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