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Hidden car settings and features that could save you money

Driving is expensive with no shortage of additional costs to consider from fuel to insurance but these "hidden" settings could save you a "significant" amount of money. Your car's tyre pressure, climate control and GPS all play a part in significantly reducing your overall spend - if you know how.

Your car's tyre pressure, climate control and GPS all play a part in significantly reducing your overall spend - if you know how.

"No one buys a car to waste money. Yet, most people aren't aware of the numerous 'hidden' settings in their vehicles that can help in significant savings," Dominic Wyatt, an expert from the International Drivers Association (IDA) has commented. Mr Wyatt added: "Knowing and using these 'hidden' settings in your car is like finding unexpected pounds in your pocket. And who doesn't love to save a bit more?"

Here are five action points you can put into practice the next time you get in your car because as Mr Wyatt says, having a "better understanding of these features could be the key to unlocking significant savings".

5 car features you should know about that could save you money
Maintain optimal tyre pressure using TPMS

Maintain your tyres at the manufacturer-recommended pressure, and your car could save up to 30% in fuel, according to the IDA. Modern cars come equipped with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

The experts explain: "This feature keeps drivers informed about tyre pressure variations. "A crucial signal to check and adjust the tyre pressure, thereby enforcing fuel efficiency and averting unnecessary wear and tear on the tyres".

Utilise Eco Mode, especially in city traffic

The driving experts also recommend making the most of your car's 'economy' or 'eco' mode - a setting which is available in most vehicles but is still typically underutilised by drivers.

The IDA explained: "Typically, when activated, the Eco Mode modifies the car's acceleration response and transmission shifting, leading to reduced fuel consumption".

Wyatt recommended: "Switching on your vehicle's Eco Mode when city-driving or during peak traffic hours can lead to an improvement in your vehicle's mileage by up to 20%, enhancing your fuel economy".

Engage Cruise Control when possible

Using cruise control and driving at a constant speed means smoother operations for your car's engine but also leads to improved fuel consumption.

The experts explain that most modern vehicles now come with Cruise Control, a function that maintains the vehicle's speed without driver intervention.

Set and forget the temperature with Automatic Climate Control

"If your vehicle has an automatic climate control feature, use it to your advantage," IDA recommends.

The experts add: "Setting the temperature once, instead of continuously adjusting it, could contribute to fuel economies of up to 10%."

Plot routes using the GPS system before embarking on journeys

If you plan out your route with a GPS before hitting the road means you're more likely to follow a shorter, more efficient route.

In turn, it means you'll have lower fuel consumption too.

Dominic stated: "GPS prevents excursions into unknown territories, reducing unnecessary mileage, and resulting in better fuel efficiency."

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