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Top 10 Christmas markets in the UK

"In the heart of Winter, Christmas markets bring warmth and light to the darkest corners of the United Kingdom," says Julianna Marshall from the International Drivers Association. "For savvy travellers, Google search data sheds a light on which markets to explore."

1. Bath Christmas Market - 140,000 UK Searches 

Located in the picturesque city of Bath, this market features over 150 chalets, each housing high-quality handmade crafts, food items, and Christmas decorations. The vision of twinkling lights against the backdrop of Bath Abbey is not to be missed.

2. Manchester Christmas Market - 137,000 UK Searches

As one of the largest and most popular Christmas markets in the UK, Manchester's event offers a diverse range of stalls distributed across ten different sites in the city, encompassing world foods, handcrafted gifts, and festive drinks.

3. Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market 136,000 UK Searches 

Offering a German twist on festivities, this market is recognised for its German food stalls. The bratwursts, pretzels and schnitzels are authentic crowd-pleasers.

4. Edinburgh Christmas Market - 136,000 UK Searches 

Edinburgh's market stands out for its stunning location, under the shadow of the historic Edinburgh Castle. The fantastic mix of unique gifts, festive food and drinks, and a jovial atmosphere make it a must-visit.

5. Lincoln Christmas Market - 129,000 UK Searches

Emulating the traditional German Christmas Market, Lincoln’s market is famous for its medieval square, illuminated by light decorations providing a unique atmosphere and delving into the historical essence of the city.

6. Leeds Christkindelmarkt - 128,000 UK Searches 

Another German-styled Christmas market, the Leeds Christkindelmarkt is renowned for providing a colourful programme of entertainment along with an extensive range of seasonal treats.

7. Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market - 112,000 UK Searches 

Held in the grounds of Winchester Cathedral, this market offers a festive experience framed by history and tradition. The market is known for its excellent standard of beautiful British craft stalls.

8. Glasgow Christmas Market - 98,000 UK Searches 

Scots and tourists alike love Glasgow's Christmas market for its friendly vibe and a wide range of food and craft stalls, wrapped in a cocoon of sparkling lights.

9. York Christmas Market - 95,000 UK Searches 

York's famous St Nicholas Fair has a mix of artisan gift stalls and festive foods, interspersed with traditional carol singing, all set within the medieval city walls.

10. Cardiff Christmas Market - 95, 000 UK Searches 

Established for over 20 years, Cardiff's Christmas market brings together talented artists, craftspeople and food and drink producers from across Wales, adding a unique charm to the festive season.

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